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Mud and cleansing filter for hot water in heating plants.

DEFANG is designed to hold impurities such as lime scale encrustations, mud, corrosions products, which tend to deposit on radiators and heat exchangers, reducing the efficiency and compromising the proper functioning.

Complete with a system to load protective and cleansing chemicals in the plant.



  • Brass connectors diameter: ½”
  • Working flow rate: 500 lt/h
  • Max water temperature: 65°C
  • Max rated pressure: 4 bar
  • Backwash flow: 1.500 lt/h
  • Min rated pressure for backwash: 2 bar



  • Vessel dimensions Dxh: 27x60 cm
  • Height (including valve): 70 cm




defang 2.pngDEFANG 3.pngDefang25SMALL.jpg

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