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Pinedos Maxi is a hydrodynamic polyphosphates doser designed for polyphosphates treatment of water plant, heater, cumulative boiler, big heat exchanger in flats, houses etc.

Polyphosphates avoid the formation of calcium bicarbonate and carbon dioxide; thus protect pipes and heating devices from lime scale and corrosion.
The quick 3/4" and 1" connectors facilitate the installation. The high quality standard of Spillo exclusive system - Pineco’ s patent - guarantees constant feed of polyphosphates. Great autonomy, up to 60 mc treated water.
Pinedos Maxi  is recommended  for:  
- Heater and big boilers  
- 3/4" and 1" joint water line
- Centralized treatment for flats, houses etc
- In water line following water softener


Technical Sheet
Connectors Diameter 3/4 " and 1"
Connectors F-F 
Height 210 mm
Lenght 90 mm
Depth 140 mm
Dosing 4-5 ppm
Max Pressure 12 bar
Flow Rate 5.8 mc/h
Δ Pressure
0.075 bar
Water temperature 5 - 40 °C
Body Brass T58
Bowl Grilamid
Soffietto Silicon
Doser weight 2.70 Kg
Polyphosphate weight 200 gr
Treated water 60 mc ca


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