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    Spillo LN is designed for an easy installation in any situation. With adjustable flange and its special ring nut shape Spillo is suitable for any installation.

    Spillo is designed to release 3-5 ppm of polyphosphates in the water.
    Through its movement, Spillo system (Pineco’s patent) guarantees the water transit and a constant feed of polyphosphates;
    Polyphosphates avoid the formation of calcium bicarbonate and carbon dioxide; thus protect pipes and heating devices from lime scale and corrosion.
    The closure valve interrupts the water flow easy polyphosphates addition.
    Spillo action: 
    - avoid the formation of calcium bicarbonate preventing incrustations
    - create a film inside the pipe that protects pipes from corrosion


    Technical Sheet
    Connectors Diameter 1/2 "
    Connectors F-F  o M-M
    Height 167 mm
    Lenght 66 mm
    Depth 95 mm
    Dosing 3-5 ppm
    Max Pressure 6 bar
    Flow Rate 2 mc/h
    Δ Pressure
    0.2 bar
    Water temperature 5 - 40 °C
    Body Brass T58
    Bowl Grilamid
    Soffietto Silicon
    Doser weight 850 gr
    Polyphosphate weight 80 gr
    Treated water 20 mc




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