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Water-soluble hand soap with lanolin
Pinecomenta is a cleansing gel with an elevate stability. Its special water-soluble abrasive formula removes any residual. Hydrocarbon solvents free, Pinecomenta is a balanced mixture surfactant and protective components designed for the best results.     
Use 3-4 gr. (or more for hostile dirty) of Pinecomenta and rub the hands. Rinse with water
0,5 Kg jar
5 Kg jar (soap pump included)
Chemical Physical Characteristics 
Aspect : Gel
Color: Pink
Smell: Jasmine
pH solution at 10%: at 20°C: 8,0 ± 0,2
Average Viscosity at 20° : Total
Solubility in 20°C water : Total
Average Viscosity at 20° : 13000 cps

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