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    Potable water might contain unpleasant and contaminating elements that attenuate its consumption. EASY STERIL is recommended to improve potable water quality; EASY STERIL reduces contaminating elements in domestic water for a better quality of potable water. EASY STERIL can easily been installed under the sink, for minimum encumbrance.

    EASY STERIL operates in three steps.
    • Step 1: extra-filtration 5 micron rated to remove any suspended part (melt blown filter) 
    • Step 2: activated carbons filter to remove contaminating chemical elements (chlorine and derivates, oils etc),organic substances, pesticides, detergents, microbiologic contaminators (moulds, bacteria, spores, virus) 
    • Step 3: Bacteria abatement through UV rays


    • plastic tank for potable water
    • electronic ballast for UV control (upper cap)
    • "melt blown" filtering system 5 micron rated (can 1) 
    • compounded active coal filter (can 2)
    • electronic open/close and 12 volt lamp switch (complete isolation) 
    • fluid meter with water/ stop for empty cartridge warning. 
    • transformer 220V-12V


    • volume flow 3-4 l/min
    • size H. 40 cm *  L. 25 cm * D. 13 cm


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