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Automatic water softener with cationic exchange resin. Electronic digital meter control and time settable. Fully automatic control valve 7 cycles functioning.

Vessel made of reinforced fibreglass suitable for potable water, brine tank made of shock resistant plastic.

The softener can be equipped with Pineco CRL chlorine generator for potable water use.



  • Connectors: 2 ”
  • Cycle Capacity: 1.350 m3/°f         
  • Resins: 225 lt
  • Standard flow rate: 11.000  lt/h
  • Max flow rate: 14.000 lt/h
  • Rated pressure: 2-8 bar
  • Regeneration duration:  145 min
  • Salt comsuption for regeneration: 34 Kg
  • Brine tank capacity: 460 lt
  • Power supply: V/Hz 230/50
  • Resins type: Gel Strong Acid Cationic Exchange Resin, NSF/ANSI 44&61Certified
  • Valve body: made of PNL listed Noryl plastic material
  • Brine tank: made of PE material, UVA ray resistant
  • Vessel: made of reinforced fibreglass




  • Vessel dimensions: 54x157 cm
  • Height including the valve: 217 cm
  • Brine tank dimensions: Ø75x120 cm





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